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“Success can be achieved at any age 

If you’re like most people, you spend much of your time working to build someone else’s dream. Between the daily commute, stress in the workplace, and financial uncertainty, it can be next to impossible for most people to take the steps toward achieving true freedom. However, the personal development industry is quickly changing all of this. Instead of working for someone else, you could finally take your destiny into your own hands, charting your course in life and living on your terms.

“Problems are opportunities to see
who we really are and how we solve them”

If you’re looking for an escape from the daily grind, you can finally turn to a program that can match your needs and grow with you. Personal development is giving people all over the world a chance to declare financial independence and to finally get started on the path to realizing their dreams. The lifestyle you want could finally be within your grasp thanks to this one-of-a-kind program. If you have goals you’ve had to put on hold, you could finally be in the position to achieve them. Step on the path to prosperity, and you could soon begin an exciting new chapter in your life!

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“The only way to permanently change the temperature in the room is to reset the thermostat. In the same way, the only way to change your level of financial success ‘permanently’ is to reset your financial thermostat. But it is your choice whether you choose to change.”
 T. Harv Eker


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Personal development is a fast-growing industry globally, and if you’re looking for a way to reach your financial goals while also being able to take your professional life in the direction you want, this could finally be your chance to do so. Imagine clocking in from anywhere I the world, whether it’s your favorite coffee shop or from the sands of a distant beach. Imagine being able to work at your leisure and relax while knowing that you don’t have to worry about your next paycheck. This opportunity could be yours, and the lifestyle you want could be within your reach when you take full advantage of all that personal development, and this opportunity have to offer.

More people than ever before are taking this opportunity to chart their course in life, and you can do the same today with this unique system. If you’ve always dreamed of running your own business, being your boss, and setting your hours, this program could be all you’ve ever wanted and more. Find out today why people from across the globe are using this system to leverage their full potential for success!


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“As someone who was tired of the office politics, the commuting, with long hours and no work life balance I decided it was time to make a change.”



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About Us

About Ron

Hello, I’m Ron Van Der Plas, and I’m fortunate to run a business in an industry that I’m genuinely passionate about, personal development.

Most of my working life I’ve spent self-employed, and I’ve learned over the years that I’ve had to reinvent myself continually to keep moving forward. The thing that’s always kept me going has been my family – my rock through all the tough times. Though I’ve made some mistakes, I still have their support.

I’ve been able to put those mistakes behind me and focus on moving forward and never looking back.

About 11 years ago, I suffered a significant financial setback. We lost everything and had to start all over again from scratch. Since then, I’ve had the help of my son to get us right back up again. We built a new home on a 10-acre block and started a new business. However, I always headed back to the same old skill set in the building industry. I’ve always found it essential to look for another means of creating an income, but to apply my skills to something different. I decided it was time for a change of direction, so I went looking online.

Though I suddenly found myself looking at a business entirely foreign to me, I observed it intently and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t done it sooner! I found an online business in the personal development industry, and I think it’s the next big business boom! They offer the secrets of the financially independent and a way to be successful at any age. This business system embodies a global community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about assisting others with the teachings of a proven business system and personal growth principles.

About Nina

Nina is an internationally recognized Reiki Master, Acupressure Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Performing Artist and Aromatherapist.

With over 13 years’ experience in the Fitness Industry and over 25 years’ experience in Entertainment as an International performing artist.

Her success as both a Personal Trainer and Dancer led her to opportunities across UK, Australia and Asia.

Her ability to connect with people, motivate, encourage and attain brilliant results is testament to her enthusiasm and her want to see the best possible outcomes for all she comes in to contact with.

I look forward to connecting you and working with you soon.


With well over 127,000 customers in 132 countries around the world impacted,
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